Thursday, March 2, 2017

Terkesima Trip - Singapore, 2016

I had always wondered if there will ever come a time for me to actually step out of tanah airku for as long as I still breathe. Though I was told that I had been to Singapore before but apparently I was still a baby then - one that I had no clear, and vivid memory of. I could barely speak then, let alone walk, therefore it's almost too impossible for me to trace any available memories of me being physically there. Hence, I wouldn't count it as me having been to another country before.

Alhamdulillah. I guess Allah swt heard my prayers, I was blessed with a chance to travel out of the country for the very first time in my entire existence (and without my family's presence). When this opportunity arose I honestly didn't want to lose it, although it was pretty hard to convince Ayah of allowing me to go to Singapore. You see, Ayah had always been protective and careful of me whenever I decide to go out without him but as I grow older, his protection over me is reduced by 90%. The remaining 10% exists because he has trust issues with the people around me, if I exclude my friends that is. But after much consideration (with a side of puss in boots sympathetic eyes), he finally let me hehe lap peluh ciked. Oh btw, I went to Singapore with Sabrina and Mahirah hehe.

Without further ado, let's look at the photos that I had taken in both JB and Singapore! Oh btw, I brought Ronnie (my DSLR) along but I didn't use it. At. All. I know right?! Ammelia is not using her camera to take pictures?! Never thought I'd see the day haha. Idk I just didn't feel like using it and my iPhone just seems to be a lot easier to use and quality-wise, I'd say it's on par with DSLR cameras. Furthermore, the picture quality from my DSLR seems to deteriorate as time passes. HUHU.

Interesting cap.

MRT in Singapore.


Walked for about 15 minutes or so to Sentosa Island. You can actually get there by monorail though but bear in mind that the queue can be quite long. Like, really long.

Ah, the infamous USS globe hehe felt surreal seeing this.

 photo 8.jpg
This Water World Show was spectacular!!! So glad we didn't miss it.

Mahirah and I rode on the blue roller coaster while Sabrina waited for us with our bags outside. She didn't think her body could handle the ride in case she gets nauseous later and she was right. I had always loved roller coasters but this one was crazy Mahirah and I shouted at the top of our lungs the whole ride. I honestly didn't feel great after that lol SIGNS OF OLD AGE GUYS.

Left USS between 2PM-3PM and headed straight for Marina Bay Sands

Then we took the train to Bugis Street.

 photo 19.jpg

We then walked to Haji Lane.

 photo 21.jpg
 photo 17.jpg
 photo 23.jpg
 photo 18.jpg

Walking through the street of Haji Lane, it reminded me a lot of Jonker Walk in Melaka, and Armenian Street in Penang. Felt a lot like home for a moment there tbh haha.

The beautiful Masjid Sultan located at Haji Lane!

We walked back to Bugis Street where Mahirah bought her souvenirs and it was already 7PM by then and our train (from Woodlands to KTM JB) leaves at 8PM-ish, thus we decided to take GrabCar instead of using MRT because we didn't want to be late and obviously we were exhausted to the bones. Though it costed us about $21 and that's like RM63 (RM21 each person) hahaha #terkesima #tutupmatasambilhulurduit #huhu.

 All in all it was an enjoyable trip and we were able to experience being out of the country (sebelah je pun huhu) without any adults accompanying us! ...well I am very well aware that we're very much adult haha what I'm trying to say is that none of our family members were there to pimpin us :D Definitely looking forward to more trips like this!

In case you're wondering why Terkesima Trip. Well, our trip definitely involved lots of terkesima moments, therefore, the name "Terkesima Trip" haha such a lame inside joke... OH and btw, I take back what I said about my phone camera quality being on par with DSLR cameras because it's definitely not. When the photos are enlarged they really turn out to be ughhhhgly and grainy and it's such an eyesoreeee omg. But oh wells.

Until (next year! lol gurau gurau but this might also be true.. who knows. haha) then!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Advertising Festival Awards 2016

 photo IMG_3440.jpg

This was truly a night to remember (but it has already been a little over a month or so, so my daya peringatan is kinda weak right now so.. 😂 but I'll try) and it'll be such a shame and waste if I don't blog about it, albeit late. Apart from taking photos prior and during the event, I didn't contribute much tbh but just the fact that I was a part of it - a part of those who made AFA possible - I'm already contented enough to be given such an opportunity. Alhamdulillah. And props definitely goes to my lecturer, Madam Nadiah, for advising us and obviously my hardworking and enthusiastic classmates who wanted nothing more but a smooth and successful event. Let us all give them a standing ovation hehe. 

It took us nearly three months for preparations and stuff and boy it was not an easy journey, really. I can't remember the number of times we switched the theme and had our posters amended because of different opinions and views, etc etc. Well, judging by the photos I squeezed in along in this post, obviously AFA 2016's theme was fixed to "Superhero". Ya, don't cringe! Haha. When we first broke the news, literally everyone was skeptical about the theme because they were wondering if they really /need/ to dress according to it.. *sides eyes* Anywho, *ok nak riak sikit hehe* our superhero-themed event garnered a lot of attention from both lecturers and students alike. Even those from other sequences (PR, Journalism, Publishing, Broadcasting, etc) puji-ed us for our creative design for buntings/posters/banners and even said they would like to attend to the event like how cool is that?! Ke kita orang je yang syok sendiri? LOL I hope not haha.

What worried us the most about the event is if we didn't live up to people's expectation. We were afraid if AFA would turn out to be a flop because the amount of interests and expectations that people had on us was indeed overwhelming. Amboi. But Alhamdulillah, we got nothing but praises from those who attended! Although there was a slight problem but hey, nobody's perfect, therefore, event pun cannot really be 100% perfect jugak am I rite?!? Hehe. Ok la end of coretan I'll let the photos I took speak for themselves (dengan bantuan caption yang tertera di bawah gambar) :D 

Wondergrapher, my Superhero name guys!!! Haha.

(l-r) Finaz, Yasmin, and Mia

Ash and Yasmin holding our table decorations. Those were handmade ok idk how but Lily's hand is magic.

Lily! She was responsible for decorations etc.

Lily. Again. Doing her magic haha.

Wan and Qila. Meddling with the PA system. Lol jk hehe.

Fika, Akak Logistics. When you're responsible for any logistics-related work but kerja dah habis, therefore, the Decoration Team could use some extra help! Hehe.

Basically how it looks like inside the venue.

Wawa and Dahlia, helping out the Makanan Team lol.

Yasmin, the Floor Manager.

I think he goes by the name Amie? Correct me if I'm wrong. Tak kenal but I see some of my KK friends know him.. We invited him over to be our DJ though.

Our bunting looking mighty fine hehe.

Qyla bringing out her inner Yuna hehe.

Our lecturers! Dr. Ira and yang sebelah tak kenal.. smh.

The outcome of Lily's magic.

Yours truly :p Dua camera bcs one is too mainstream haha susah gila nak juggle between two cameras ok brr tak perlu angkat dumbbell guys lepas habis event I terus ada guns dkt lengan I ok.

Kawaii pulak dia. Nama dia sukar nak disebut so panggil Ady je ok!

Madam Nadiah, Amin, and Yasmin. Seriousnya muka guys.

We also had Darth Vader as our mascot. This thingamajig comes along with the costume.

Miss Mim omey ile in her outfit. One of our lecturers juga.

Sir Hamz looking busy upon his arrival.

Lily in her Little Red Riding Hood outfit I suppose?

Sir Hamzani.

 photo IMG_3467.png
SOBS. It makes me happy when people appreciate the photos that I took of them :'(

Sir Hamz and our seniors.

Amin, our Project Manager.

Prof. Azizul, Our Dean Faculty.

 photo DSC_0830.jpg
During the Perasmian! Thank you Mek for making that poly(?) of Prof. Azizul possible! :)

I hate that this picture is slightly out of focus :(

Credit goes to kawan Wan for taking this picture, again terlupa nama lol but he assisted me in taking photos hehe.

A few horrible shots during the perasmian huhu it all happened really quick like woo time calm down :(

Our first performer!

Yasmin delivering the pizza.

Ash, our Floor Manager AND performer of the night haha.

One of the performers too, Baby!

The trophies for the awards *heart eyes*

On his way to grab 'em trophies lol tak ingat menang under what category haha.

Look at 'em happy faces menang award haha hard work truly pays off guys.

Managed to find ourselves a saxophonist and a classical guitarist. We were going for the jazz genre btw.

Our part 5 seniors came as ninja turtles rofl.

Miss Mim looking gojez huhu.

That Advertising t-shirt though haha #pride

Guy's name is Fenner. Or at least that's what they call him? Didn't know of his existence before but I now get why everyone's talking about him haha.

***After Party*** ahahaha

***Interview sessions***

 photo IMG_3437.jpg
 photo IMG_3438.jpg
 photo IMG_3431.jpg

In retrospect, the event went exactly like how we wanted it to be and I have come to a decision that I'm not fit to be a reporter I mean what sort of a journalist forgets people's names and what awards did they win etc? SMH.