Sian Acu

Curi tulang a bit from work to write this. LOL jk. Just got a bit (a handful actually) of time to spare and I just have to HAVE to document this in the form of writing (or in this case, blogpost).

So last week after work, I went out to have a nice dinner in Subang with my family sans Ayah. As we had parked our car, I was carrying my lil’ niece, Hana (Ehem, I don’t usually carry her because my goodness is she heavy but that night was an exception hehe just needed to get the bond and chemistry going) and in the distance, I saw the LRT train was passing by and we all know how kids are very intrigued about all these weird-looking, moving things, therefore I happily pointed the train to show it to Hana. Here’s a very funny conversation I had with her:

Me: Hana, Acu hari-hari naik train pergi work.

Hana: Acu naik sorang-sorang je? (read: ye. Hana has this habit of saying “je” at the end of each of her sentence)

Me: Ha ah. Acu naik sorang-sorang.

Hana: Sian Acu.

Guys, her “Sian Acu” was uttered…

He had His reasons

Saw this sijil and it immediately brought me back to earth.

I remember feeling restless at the camp. My heart thumped unusually and I broke out into profuse sweat. Could be because it was my first time being away from home. Away from my family. Signs of homesickness I presumed. A new feeling.

But the next thing I knew, life took its own course the following week. And everything just fell into place and gave meaning to my restlessness.

I lost the one person who had Paradise beneath her feet. My Mimi.

This certificate, it exists not as a form of nostalgia nor a form of sentimentalism. It exists to remind me that in a span of short period of time, anything could happen or be taken away from me, granted that they are actually lent to me. But of course, everything that happens has already been written, Maktub.

Every shape or form that we possess in this life are not ours. Even our own selves. Eventually, everything belongs to Allah swt and it's only fair if He decides to take our temp…

A world of my own

I love writing. But I humbly admit that my writing skills, or lack thereof, is mediocre, nothing too exceptional or extraordinary.

However, I feel more comfortable when I write (or in this case, type) as compared to talking. Words just seem to flow better and smoothly as I write. I get nervous when I have to speak, and my mind tend to get cluttered right when I'm in the midst of a conversation, thus, disabling me to find the right words to speak.

I was worse when I was younger though (psh I meant when I was still a child. I'm not old yet!!). It was almost too impossible to hear a single word coming out my mouth, let alone forming a cohesive sentence. The words just miraculously got stuck in my throat, as if something was holding it back from making a long-awaited appearance.

I was that bad. And for that, I felt small in a world where extroverts are highly favoured and socially acceptable. It wasn't a competition between the loud and the quiet anymore. The world felt parall…

The taste of betrayal

So I went for a short, but fun and definitely (not so) relaxing weekend weekday getaway with my The Blow team in KL a few days ago!

If you had been keeping tabs with me a few months back, you'd know that my team and I took home first place for WP Hotel's Ramadan Buffet ad campaign - in which we had to basically pitch an idea and propose them the best and suitable media to circulate the said campaign. Alhamdulillah! Apparently, the hotel loved our idea and promised us a room or two for one night and a Ramadan buffet voucher for each and one of us at the hotel.

However, we hadn't heard from them after the pitch session, not even a single phone call or text, nothing. Gosh if WP Hotel was a person, and a guy, and I somehow have a crush on him, I would've instantly un-admired him for making me wait, albeit having my heart crushed for a mere false hope. No one has the time in the world for this!! Smh.

Anyway, Ramadan came and went just like that. Right after our finals in J…

Raya Haji 2017

...or more like Penang Foodventure 2k17


This trip to Penang was never at all planned. I had no idea we were going until last Tuesday or Wednesday (I can't remember) when Ayah told me. It came as an absolute surprise to me because... well it's kind of personal but just know that I had never seen this coming. I thought my weekend (or Raya Haji for that matter) was going to be like any other weekends (and Raya Haji(s)) but I definitely thought wrong but no complaints there hehe.

In case you noticed, I was a little quiet during Raya Aidilfitri two months ago and that is because I didn't get to celebrate Raya in Penang this year :( So, to be able to balik Penang for Raya Haji really got me excited hehe.

DAY 1: It was a 10-hour long and grueling drive to Penang. Took a few photos dalam kereta.

DAY 2: Raya Haji. We decided to visit Daddy, my uncle, who is also my arwah Mimi's eldest brother, and is now residing in Kuala Kedah.

But before that, a few photos of my anak menaka…

Every ounce of confidence

Nothing is more infuriating than to see Photobucket ruining your blog. Dang. Should have seen this coming years ago but there was no way I could predict this as we are all not gifted with the power of seeing the future. Or do we? Haha I don't make sense. The reason why I preferred uploading my photos using Photobucket is the freedom I get to choose the photo size that I wish to upload. While Blogger provides the same function, however, I feel like it's limited and the photos don't always turn out to the size that I want it to be and the only quick fix to this is to resize it on Photoshop and that for me is a hassle. Hm quick sangat. But that seems to not be the case anymore as Photobucket is forcing me to subscribe to its new (and utterly annoying) plan that requires money.

There are two ways that I could do to solve this problem: 1) Subscribe to the said plan that would eventually enable people to view my photos - however, this costs money. And boy das esspensive (If you&…

Terkesima Trip - Singapore, 2016

I had always wondered if there will ever come a time for me to actually step out of tanah airku for as long as I still breathe. Though I was told that I had been to Singapore before but apparently I was still a baby then - one that I had no clear, and vivid memory of. I could barely speak then, let alone walk, therefore it's almost too impossible for me to trace any available memories of me being physically there. Hence, I wouldn't count it as me having been to another country before.
Alhamdulillah. I guess Allah swt heard my prayers, I was blessed with a chance to travel out of the country for the very first time in my entire existence (and without my family's presence). When this opportunity arose I honestly didn't want to lose it, although it was pretty hard to convince Ayah of allowing me to go to Singapore. You see, Ayah had always been protective and careful of me whenever I decide to go out without him but as I grow older, his protection over me is reduced by 9…